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LuJam is a cyber security startup based in Bristol who approached me to rebrand their fledgling organisation as they prepare for market. Lujam’s service is simple to install and use, and inexpensive to run. I led the team through a process where their brand personality and strategic aims for the brand were defined. From these workshops we collaboratively produced a brand blueprint which saw Lujam’s defined personality as a Caregiver – a unique position in this market – with a promise to care and protect others. The chosen direction saw a shield formed from the L and J of the LuJam meaning the brand name is reinforced within the icon directly – ensuring that the name becomes memorable and associated. The shield serves as an effective visual shorthand for the defender identity – while the colour palette evokes trust, authority, growth and wellbeing with a typographic treatment is bespoke, unique and modern. Comprehensive brand guidelines, logo, web concepts, stationery, promotional materials, social media assets, photography and animation all formed the materials required to relaunch this innovative brand for the next stage of their growth.

"As a direct result of theJames' work the perception of both LuJam and our service now appeals to a much wider and diverse audience than previously. He has completely transformed the way the market perceives LuJam and I can’t recommend James enough. He gets my vote every day.”

Tim, CEO, LuJam

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