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Shaw Trust is a national charity working to create brighter futures for the people and communities they serve. They deliver contracts worth over £89m and have over 1,00 staff over 196 sites. I created the 2016 and 2017 annual reports and oversaw the production from start to finish. In 2016 I sought to demonstrate the great individual stories of the individuals the charity has helped that year, while also emphasising the scale the charity operates at – how these stories are replicated thousands of times over through their great work. In 2017 production was key – how do you produce an impactful, useable documents for a range of different users – staff, trustees, customers, public? My idea was to break down the various elements and produce them in a way suited for each audience – while still being able to be presented altogether – a modular approach to annual reports which saves money and ensures the right materials get to the right people. The materials were also designed in Easy Read format, Braille, Large print and accessible PDF. Accessibility is a passion of mine and I am experienced working with users with a range of needs and understanding their requirements and have developed my own range of unique solutions.
Shaw TrustShaw Trust

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Shaw TrustShaw Trust
Shaw TrustShaw TrustShaw TrustShaw TrustShaw TrustShaw Trust

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